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The Best Worst President

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Political analyst and Democratic campaign veteran Mark Hannah and renowned New Yorker illustrator Bob Staake give Barack Obama the victory lap he deserves in this compendium that takes the president’s critics head-on and celebrates the president’s many underappreciated triumphs. Barack Obama’s election in 2008 was a watershed moment in American history that inspired supporters on the Left—and fired up enemies on the Right. Elected in the midst of multiple crises—a Wall Street meltdown that imperiled the global economy and American troops entangled in two foreign wars—Barack Obama’s presidency promised, from the start, to be one of the most consequential presidencies in modern American history. Although he stabilized the economy and restored America’s prestige on the global stage, President Obama has been denied the credit he deserves, receiving instead acidic commentary from political opponents such as former Vice President Dick Cheney, who declared that Obama was “the worst president in [his] lifetime”—an accusation that reflects the politics of resentment and recrimination that has come to characterize the president’s critics. In The Best Worst President , Mark Hannah and New Yorker illustrator Bob Staake swiftly and systematically debunk conservative lies and disinformation meant to negate the president’s accomplishments and damage his reputation—baseless charges too often left unchallenged by the national media. The Best Worst President is a whip-smart takedown of these half-truths and hypocrisies, each refuted in a smart, witty, fact-based style. Hannah and Staake not only defend the president but showcase his administration’s most surprising and underappreciated triumphs—making clear he truly is the best “worst president” our nation has ever known.


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    Mark Hannah
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    Dey Street Books

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Here Are The Best And Worst Things About A Trump Presidency, According To Americans - ZeroHedge

Here Are The Best And Worst Things About A Trump Presidency, According To Americans

As we head into the Iowa caucus, Americans are getting serious about the 2016 race for the White House.

After an extremely painful series of debates that pitted a dizzying array of GOP candidates against one another in a kind of soapbox free-for-all, the Republican field has for all intents and purposes been narrowed to two candidates: Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Trump’s meteoric rise to the top of the polls represents something of a coup for a system that has for years been dominated by an entrenched political aristocracy. The rise of Trump (and of Bernie Sanders for that matter) seems to suggest that America has become fed up with business as usual inside the Beltway.

Voters, it would seem, are ready for real (as opposed to Obama-brand) “change” and regardless of what you think about Trump or Sanders, it's fairly clear that both would run administrations that look nothing like what the country is used to.

And while we know that Trump has managed to secure an almost religious following in part by whipping voters into a veritable frenzy, we do not yet know what, specifically, voters see in brazen billionaire beyond the rather amorphous “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.

Here to shed some light on the subject is Gallup, who conducted research to discover what Americans think would be the best and worst things about a Trump presidency. Here are the results from a survey conducted January 6-10, which asked a nationally representative sample of Americans to analyze the Donald's character:

Asked to name the best or most positive thing about a possible Donald Trump presidency if he were to be elected in 2016, Americans most commonly volunteer his business background, policies on immigration and honesty -- that he says what he feels. Other positives mentioned by at least 5% of Americans are his confidence -- that he doesn't back down -- and that he would improve the economy. More than four in 10 cannot name anything positive about a potential Trump presidency.

Americans are much more likely to mention potentially negative aspects of a Trump presidency than to mention positive aspects -- only 8% say "nothing" when asked about the downsides of such a presidency, with another 9% not having an opinion.



Good president, bad president

Good president, bad president

Нет, это не про американских президентов.

События последних месяцев в Украине, честно говоря, заставляют восхищаться уникальностью украинских политиков. Я вообще понимаю ощущения героя Жана Рено в “Розовой пантере”:

До сих пор история демократического человечества обычно подразумевала циклический процесс, сначала реформы, потом некоторый откат, реакция, или наоборот — сначала репрессии, а потом реформы. Как правило, для реализации реакции менялась какая-то часть управляющего механизма. Даже в России, где что-либо менять не принято, различные фазы цикла принято связывать, по крайней мере, с новым сроком президентских полномочий Путина.

Но у нас теперь не так. В течение последнего года политическая система совершенно спокойно перешла от хоть и вялых и непоследовательных, но всё же каких-то реформ, к совершенно отчетливой реакции — при этом не изменив ни единого действующего лица. И нам остается только удивляться со словами “Мы думали, что для этого требуется два президента”, наблюдая, как действующий глава государства с легкостью инспектора Клузо играет одновременно две роли — реформатора и реакционера.


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worst president ever Связанные темы

Направлено: obamas Last Day A National Holiday!, Donald Trump

obamas Last Day In Office 1/20/2017 Should Be Celebrated As A National Holiday Celebrated Annually On That Date As The Beginning Of Real Hope And Change. Maybe Call It "NoBama Day"But Thats Yet To Be Decided. (He Wants To Be Remembered Why Not Let It Be For The Truth, As The Worst President In US History!) I Already Know People Are Going To Celebrate, So why Not Make It Official.

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А что бы вы хотели изменить? Найдите поддержку своей кампании для решения важной для вас проблемы.

А что бы вы хотели изменить? Найдите поддержку своей кампании для решения важной для вас проблемы.



10 Reasons Obama Was the Worst President Ever

10 Reasons Obama Was the Worst President Ever — @radonvideo.ru Описание к видео

(LANGUAGE WARNING:) Gavin McInnes of TheRebel.media sums up Barack Obama's presidency. MORE: http://www.therebel.media/10_reasons_obama_was_the_worst_president_ever

PS: SIGN UP for Gavin's weekly show! http://therebel.media/hows_it_goin_eh_with_gavin_mcinnes

10 Reasons Obama Was the Worst President Ever — @radonvideo.ru

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Стыдно сознаться, но не читала многое из литературы в школе. Сейчас вот восполняю. Искала "The Best Worst President" для скачивания. Вышел ваш сайт. Не пожалела, что к вам зашла. Одна СМС на телефон - и книга моя! Бесплатно! Спасибо вам за это! Так будет всегда или будет когда-то платный контент?

Спасибо за сайт. Легко нашел нужную мне книгу "The Best Worst President", а главное - быстро и бесплатно. Удачи вам!

Те, кто смотрел эту страницу, также интересовались:

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